Sawang Export Public Co., Ltd,
is one of Thailand’s most experienced jewelry manufacturing company.

We have listed as a public company in The Stock Exchange of Thailand since 2003. We have a remarkable expertise in the production and distribution of precious stones and jewelry - sourcing of the finest material to outstanding craftsmanship, including polishing and assembly at a very reasonable and affordable price.

Our customers are located in numerous countries i.e. The United States, Germany, Australia, etc. Our production site with 350 knowledgeable, talented, and committed staffs, is typically operated with a full production capacity of pieces per annum.


For over 45 years, the effort to keep our customers’satisfied beyond their expectations has been consistently emphasized as our core philosophy, together with outstanding business performance and ethics.

We do our best to provide highest product quality, excellent sales and after-sales services, on-time delivery, flexibility and most importantly, reliability to our valued customers. Doing so, we have built such a reputation in the eye of customers as “The name you can trust”.

Sawang Jewelry Collections :     Jewelry Diamond     |    Jewelry Precious    |    Jewelry Semi-Precious    |    Jewelry Created Stone     |    Jewelry CZ

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